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Apr 182014

Is there an answer to finding more happiness? Yes, but you won't like it. The only way to find happiness is to improve the way you interpret it. Solving problems without being mindful about how you perceive them in the grander context is like running in circles. With each problem you solve you need to observe carefully how your mind shifts towards new problems, or worse when the absence of a major problem fills your life with boredom.Challenges and problems create the means for growth and happiness not the obstacles to them. When one problem is solved, have you ever noticed your mind gravitate to a new one on the horizon. When I was younger and had more trouble making friends, I found general social relationships to be an aggravating problem. Now that I have become extremely proficient in meeting new people and being social I've found completely new challenges that the younger me would have never considered my thoughts. The challenges won't go away and solving them without being mindful of what they represent won't make you any happier.Instead of, "I'll be happy when I achieve my goal." Say, "I'm happy because I'm achieving my goal.Shift your focus away from an outcome or a solution and towards the growth you are experiencing. The next time you achieve a major goal of yours, I want you to notice how quickly a new goal fills its place. When this pattern repeats itself enough times it becomes easy to understand how happiness is always available in the now should you choose to look for it. Have a great day and be happy.

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Apr 162014

I love people. I love money. Best two things that make the world run! But being in another country can make this seemingly simple love of life a bit more tricky and difficult. Therefore, I have stumbled upon the erotic world of online modeling! Whether you are looking for some private fun or just want to see me in all my glory, you have also stumbled upon a new adventure that only you and I will enjoy together ;)

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Apr 152014

My first love moved to another country when we were 16. They told me it was just "puppy love" and I would soon forget about the person, but I never did. We communicated for two years after he migrated but lost communication due to heavier school load, family problems, and just growing up. I met new people that came into my life, and moved on. But I knew that that person would always be special to me. I missed him every day since the day we stopped communicating, so whenever I got the chance I tried to look for him on the internet.A few more years went by and I discovered "The Secret," and there was a part there about communicating with old friends. So I thought long and hard how I could use that with the said person. Months later, during my birthday, he e-mailed me a long message saying happy birthday and asking how I have been for the past few years. That really shocked me, and that was the first proof that The Secret worked. I was overwhelmed by the happiness I felt when he started to communicate with me again, so I instantly replied to his letter, but unfortunately he wasn't able to reply for some months after that. Then I was ranting to my friend how he never replied to me after my birthday and how he didn't fulfill his promises of coming home last December. I thought of The Secret once again, and the next day to my surprise he tweeted me and said sorry he wasn't able to come home but he will try again in November 2010. Nothing is set in stone since they are pretty busy there, but from then on we started communicating again as friends and my faith in "The Secret" has never been this strong.

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Apr 142014

Hey guys as you probably know by now my name is Cody. i have been stalling putting up my bio but i promise you it will all be finished this week :) ill be on vid chat in less than 24 hours :)speak to ya soon! :)

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Apr 132014

Hello everyoneWell today was my first real Flirt 4 Free experience. I logged in and started chatting to some lovely people, they were giving me advise on things to look out for which was extremely nice of them. They genuinely made me laugh and this made me feel straight at ease. I found it easier to be genuine with the people in my chat room, they seemed to respond to it better.You find yourself getting friendly with them.Today I was logged in for 2.5 hours and had 2 private shoes and a couple of tips which was so much more than I expected. I feel a little enlightened because it was so much more than I expected. I felt overwhelmingly comfortable with the people I was talking to and I didn't come across anyone with a bad attitude. I had a few people trying to be funny, but apart from that everything went smoothly. Also, as a bonus. I got 6 favourites, 2 people signing up to notifications of when I'm online and 11 twitter followers. I think I'm genuinely excited for where this will take me! I think I'm done for the day, but I will definitely be joining the fun again tomorrow.Much LoveHarry Hunter

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